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We are a professional design and construction service provider with our peculiar managerial policies required to cater to the modern and futuristic dynamics of the construction world. Haris&Co. being in the business for the last 25 years strongly believes that Architecture is the keynote for the construction industry. We realize the value of design, character and aesthetics and its implementation in the field. Along with our very creative Lead Architect Abubakr Majeed, Haris&Co. has always focused on making exceptional and unique designs for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Our design philosophy is about playing with the modern lines and useful space planning in the given parameters. We create space that will provide you with the opportunity to experience philosophical and natural elements in the realm of the built environment. We make sure that a space designed has a meaning to it, and adds value to the time and money spent on it

Civil Construction

Majeed Sons have a capability, experience and equipment to undertake the execution of medium to large Civil Construction Projects. A Complete range of Expertise which covers the following areas

  • Earthworks
    • Site Preparation
    • Embankment Construction
    • Access and “Right of Way” (ROW) roads
  • Foundations
    • For Static Equipment
    • For Rotary Equipment
    • Rafts
    • Isolated
    • Piling
  • Structures
    • Steel Structure
    • RCC Frame
    • Precast Frame
    • Masonry Structure
  • Finishes
    • Flooring
    • Roof treatment
    • False ceiling
    • Painting
    • Graphiauto Paint
    • Wood Work
    • Door and Window
    • Wooden Floor
    • Painting
    • Partition Wall
    • Paneling
    • Cup boards
    • Sanitary Fittings
  • Aluminium Works
    • Doors and Window
    • Curtain wall

Mechanical Erection

Majeed Sons provides Mechanical Erection Services for “grass-root” Projects as well as for expansion / revamping of existing facilities. It has considerable experience in the Erection of Equipment (Including Heavy Lifts) Piping, Pipe racks, Steel Structure, Tanks, Painting, Insulations, NDT and Commissioning.

  • Complete Plant Erection, Including Inland Transportation, Start up and Commissioning.
  • Erection of Power Plant Boilers including Commissioning.
  • Fabrication & Erection of Steel Structure.
  • Fabrication & Erection of Piping / Pipe Racks.
  • Fabrication & Erection of Tanks.
  • Rigging / Heavy Lifts.
  • Fabrication & Erection of Water Supply System.
  • Cross Country Pipeline.
  • Majeed Sons owns a fleet of Mobile Cranes & other Equipment required to execute large Projects simultaneously. The Company periodically invests in Machinery/ Equipment, to increase and update its inventory of Facilitating Execution teams to ensure timely completion of the Projects.

Electrical & Instrumentation Installation

Majeed Sons also provides services for Erection, Testing and Commissioning of Power, breitling replica watches Electrical & Instrumentation Jobs.

  • Electrical

    These Services includes Erection, Testing & Commissioning of:

    • HV Power Transformers
    • HV Switchgear & Switchyard Equipment
    • HV Power Cables
    • HV Transmission and Distribution Lines
    • Turbo Generators and Diesel Generating sets
    • Emergency Power Generators
    • Telecommunication Systems
    • Fire Detection & Alarm Systems
    • Motor Control Centers
    • Grounding Systems
    • External & Internal Lighting
    • Distribution Network
    • Package Units
    • Motors & Generators
  • Instrumentation

    This area included Erection, Testing & Commissioning of Control Systems and field mounted Pneumatic Systems. Expertise is available for Installation of:

    • Control Panel & Boards
    • Distributed Control Systems
    • In-Line Instruments
    • Microprocessor based instruments
    • Cabling and Wiring
    • Pneumatic Tubing
    • Cable Tray Work

Fabrication & Manufacturing

Majeed Sons is a Pakistan Based Company, which can undertake the Manufacturing & Fabrication works. We Manufacture/ Fabricate Boiler, Pre-Heater, Pipe Supports Storage Tanks, Steel Structure, Steel Towers, Steel Structure Rib/ Arch, Storage Sheds, Waste Water Treatment Plant, Conveyor, Platforms, Cable Trays, etc. Majeed Sons Manufacturing Works has experienced teams who work dedicatedly up-to the extent of Clients Satisfaction, timely completion along-with Safety and Quality Standards. Majeed Sons workshop Located at Raiwind-Sundar Road, Breitling Replica Lahore is well equipped with Latest Machinery & Technically Strong works who could achieve the Milestone in Manufacturing/ Fabrication Works. We have a fully equipped state of the art production facility operated by highly skilled and experienced worksforce. Not only have we chosen the best and latest high tech machines to provide superb quality for our customers, but we also have a quality consicious workforce and QC operations at every station. The Manufacturing process is streamlined to ensure that by the end of the production cycle each job is complete and ready for delivery on time. Our Quality management systems is compliant is the requirements of ISO 9001.

  • Production Capability

    The times described below are used as a general reference. Timelines depend on the size of the job and location. We Target to meet the Schedule of Client Requirement. We have capability of Production of 500 Ton Steel per Month.

  • Strength in Delivery

    The times described below are used as a general reference. Timelines depend on the size of the job and location. We Target to meet the Schedule of Client Requirement. We have capability of Production of 500 Ton Steel per Month.

Telecommunication Sector Services

Specializing in the logistical problems associated with communication structure design and construction in isolated and remote areas. With a full complement, Majeed Sons can quickly mobilize equipment and personnel from start to finish. Majeed Sons is your answer to quality material, experience and support. In the past four Years, Majeed Sons has installed 200 plus BTS Sites of Self Supporting/ Monopole Towers throughout Pakistan. Majeed Sons has fabricated 1600 Towers during the year 2004-2007. The Integrated Tower Solution targets 3 main areas of the project: Design interface during pre-contract planning phase. Logistical support during the contract implementation phase. Technical support during the contract implementation phase.

  • Design Interface Phase

    First, we work with the customer during the design phase to agree on design parameters and produce economical and standardized modular concepts. Second is early approval of the design concepts, beginning the process of sourcing and production capacity and materials to be procured as per Client requirement. Third, we identify and agree on stock level for typical tower components. The last element of the Design Interface Phase is confirming with the customer the proposed rollout schedule. Currently Designing of Towers are done by following approved Consultants of Mobilink / Warid / Telenor.

    • Engineering Design Bureau, Lahore - EDB
    • Exponent Engineers, Lahore - EE
  • Logistical Support

    Employing experienced personnel that will provide logistical support to maintain the minimum stock requirements during implementation is the heart of the Integrated Tower Solution. Trained personnel are responsible for quality and quantity checks of all materials arriving from the factory. On a site by site basis, the logistical support team issues appropriate tower packages for installation.

  • Technical Support

    The times described below are used as a general reference. Timelines depend on the size of the job and location. We Target to meet the Schedule of Client Requirement.

    • Production: We have capability of Production of 500 Ton Steel per Month.
    • Site Build Out: We have capability of Handing over 30 Sites per Month.

Solar Energy


Our solar packages are designed to cater the energy requirement of small, medium and large households. Adding a solar system to your house can make you feel good about benefiting the environment and reducing your electricity bill. 1KW to 15 KW domestic solutions are available in On Grid, Off Grid and Hybrid systems.


Modern commercial solar solutions are provided by MSE in accordance with the specific needs of the customers. MSE  provides commercial solutions in a range of capacities, from 20 KW to 05 MW, according to the requirements and preferences of its customers. Cutting-edge technology is utilized to design these solutions. The following qualities of our solar solutions are what we are renowned for and why customers rely on them. Availability Customization Responsive Value for money Quality Developing future with solar solutions!

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